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The Wildlight Market Place offers an array of food, art, produce, entertainment and important community education information and you have come to the right page for vendor information. Market artisans create and sell handmade, handcrafted, unique and one of a kind items. This is not a flea market, a re-seller’s market, nor a place for antiques, mass merchandise, or imported items. These are hand-crafted, homegrown, and individually produced products that are truly talents of each given trade. Whether a butcher, a baker, or a candle stick maker, these are the best of the best artisans in our area.

Applications for New Vendors are open and all applications are completed online by going to Vendor Applications. You will be asked to submit images of your craft and your workspace so we can ensure our customers, that products are crafted in your workspace and are not mass produced. Please send images as instructed, do not simply send links or addresses to your online sales studio.

There is a $25 APPLICATION FEE for “Accepted” New Vendors and a yearly renewal fee of $15. (Do not send the application fee until you have been notified of your acceptance.)

We are accepting applications in the following specific categories:

Produce, Candies, Olive/Olive-based foods, Oils, Nuts/Seeds, Spices/Seasonings, Sauces/Condiments, AND… Garden Arts, Metal, Mixed Media, Painting, Paper Arts, Photography, Pottery, Recycled Art/ Toys, Games, Wood (furniture to signed creations), Basketry, Clothing Fabrication, Fiber Arts, Pet Products, Eco-Friendly Handmade Cleaning/Pesticides/Household Products or associated Handmade Tools.   

Jewelry (The market will not accept applicants who are stringing beads and/or create jewelry from mass produced beads that can be purchased in retail box stores. We currently have a supply of artisans who are specialists in this art and, in some cases, whom have been on a wait-list. We are looking for unique artisans who can offer something new and innovative, different than what the market currently offers using unique materials. Jewelry applicants will ONLY be considered if the product final product is SIGNIFICANTLY handmade and highly artistic including bead work.

All vendors are encouraged to read the vendor guidelines for more vendor information before submitting an application in order to determine whether Wildlight Market Place is an appropriate venue for their business PRIOR to applying. By submitting an application for consideration, the applicant agrees that they have read, understand and agree to adhere to the documented guidelines if selected to participate at Wildlight Market Place. All market applications will go to a Market Review & Selection Committee. The review process can take from one week to 30 days before a determination/vendor response is made.

Step 1 is to submit the market application (no fee with submission)

Step 2 is to attach photos of art, product, food (w/law complaint labeling with a Florida Cottage Food Industry) AND attach your workshop/work area, materials AND equipment used in the preparing/making/assembling of the product. This is a huge aspect of your vendor information and whether we will accept you as a new vendor. Photo of your booth set up, although not required, is helpful. Once all required info is submitted, the application will move forward.

OPPORTUNITIES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR MARKET SPONSORSHIPS, NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, and PERFORMERS (Musicians). For all these categories, please submit the vendor application (no fee with submission). Non-profits must attach a copy of its 501c3.

Wildlight Market Place does NOT accept applications from direct sales/network marketing, franchises, businesses selling “in-production” products or wholesale products for resale.

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