Vendor Application

  1. Review the information below PRIOR to populating this vendor application. All applicants are encouraged to study the Vendor Guidelines for participation available on the market’s website in order to determine whether Wildlight Market Place is an appropriate venue for their business PRIOR to applying. By submitting a vendor application for consideration, the applicant agrees that they have read, understand and agree to adhere to said guidelines if selected to participate at Wildlight Market Place.
  2. Attach photos of your product, applicable license(s), and insurance by e-mailing to:

The Wildlight Market Place Agreement is made of this day of _____, 202_ (the effective date) between the Wildlight Market Place, LLC, Owners Joseph M. Lee & Elizabeth Harrelson-Lee, 1875 South 14th Street, Suite A, Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034 and the vendor(s) listed below doing business at the Wildlight Market Place. Renewal of Vendor Application Agreement will occur January 1st of each year. Upon approval from the Market Review & Selection Committee, a $25 membership fee will be invoiced. January 1st of each year, a $15 membership renewal will be invoiced.

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